December 5, 2017


December is my favorite time of the year, or shall I say Christmas is my favorite Holiday! As per previous post, celebrating Christmas in my country (Philippines) is more fun! I wish I am in the Philippines around this time! This belted buffalo plaid is so chic. It’s flattering to any look. The belt defines your waist and not to look boxy! There are several ways to wear this cape jacket with. a.) Wear as is, (leggings, booties, tall boots) b.) Pair it with tees and jeans for more relaxed look. c.) can be worn as a regular jacket for a dressier outfit (work outfits). It feels like a blanket in a jacket, cozy, comfy and yet stylish. To spice up your Holiday outfits, wear something sparkly, metallics, reds, and greens! They are just so perfect for Christmas parties, New Years, family gatherings and other festive events. Read more

December 1, 2017


Can you believe it’s already December?

I know you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend shopping. All the Christmas gifts are taken care of. I hope you won’t forget my presents? (laughing emoji here). With the New Year 2018 around the corner, it’s time to start writing down New Years resolution, what are your goals for the new year! New Years is always so exciting!

I have been loving casual chic or casual outfits lately! It is just so easy to pull it off plus you can wear it all day in a comfy, casual, chic, and edgy outfits. I personally love the idea of jeans, a tank top or cami then polished off the look with a crisp blazer to make it more relaxed yet classy. I actually have a sandal in my bag just in case I can’t run around with heels. This sleeveless tank top can be worn at work, date nights, or girls night out! Is a great top to have in your closet for so many occasions.

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November 28, 2017


I know most of you up North are wearing cozy layer outfits. Am I right? I really miss that moment of my life where I enjoyed layering and booties. Here in South Florida was a little gloomy these past few days, and I enjoy every chance I get.

This look was perfect for yesterday’s weather since it was a little windy. The layer was just right. Few years back, I used to wear chunkier and heavier sweater and top it off with a jacket and scarf. I learned from a good friend of mine to wear it this way. Pair your dress button-down shirts with a pull-over sweater vest (the way I called it). Ended up pairing with a little distress jeans and a fringe black booties for more casual yet edgy look.

The kids and I decided to drive around the beach, it was dark out. Still, I took the chance to take pictures since we don’t usually drive by the beach that often. The last time we were at the beach was maybe almost a year ago. 🙂

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November 24, 2017


The biggest sale of the year is here. What are you favorite finds? On the bottom, I rounded up all my sale picks for Black Friday Sale.

Talking about this look, this is my super new favorite. If you have been following me, you knew I love some things that has a nice detailing. It is perfect with anything in your closet for all seasons. Can be worn as casual to dressy look. The material is super soft.

The white jeans is seriously comfy. Aside from being white and worried to get dirty, the sexiest flared jeans I ever own.

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November 21, 2017


With Holidays around the corner, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and festivities. There are tons of options out there to look sharp and chic outfits for the events. If you’re living in almost 100% humidity, you have to look good and make sure its weather appropriate. Am I right?

It’s not about the designer brands, what’s important is you’re comfortable with them. I linked down below other cheaper options to choose from. I’m always on a hunt for dressed up or casual chic looks.

This culotte pants has been my favorite lately. They’re seriously comfy and soft. It goes with anything in your wardrobe. This off-the-shoulder top is another favorite of mine. It has been a major repeat. I actually wore them during Christmas eve dinner at my in-laws. Paired it with a tweed skirt and flats.

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November 17, 2017



The holidays are right around the corner. We are so excited! This look is our family date night look! I opted for all black outfit for a change. It is fun playing around with this side split top. Either you can wear it as is or tie a knot in the front part. Actually, it looks like I am attending a rock n roll concert! I paired it with light blue bag from Prada for a pop of color. All similar items linked down below.

What do you think?

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November 14, 2017


I often get questions from you guys about what to wear to work while still maintaining a chic and modern vibe. I have been off work for almost two years now. Thus, I got so many questions about work appropriate outfits. I posted the same post about weeks ago and I decided to post more that will inspire you guys on how to style a million different ways of office-approved outfits.

You can’t go wrong wearing a white and black outfit, and personally I always go for it. Black offers a powerful, sophisticated, and luxurious quality, which is supported by the pure, practical, and clean elements of white. Black can be paired with just about any other color to stunning success, as well as the white. So for me, both black and white is timeless, edgy and versatile pieces in your everyday wardrobe.

Oftentimes, as previously said on my older posts. White and black or black and white are the basic work outfit. White button-up shirts, and black dress trousers, and black skirts. Those are the basic elements for work. Sometimes, it can be boring! The clean look is the most important to look nice and professional at all times when at work.

Majority of my jackets and tops are white. I just love white, it symbolizes peace and purity. Also, I like dressing up like almost everyday, it is because how you dress defines who you are! I personally adapt to that quote to myself and I am enjoying every look I had in the past and got a lot of compliments when wearing the right outfit at workplace, at meetings and other related business casual events.

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November 11, 2017


Jeans and sneakers are my jam. They are absolute wardrobe staple for all the Moms! Ripped or distress jeans are not really my type, to be honest! This ripped boyfriend jeans is the only one in my closet that has too much rips, and I love it! I bought them in New York two years ago and the first time I laid my eyes on them, I knew I needed them! I actually got a lot of compliments when wearing them. It has that intense, cool, yet sexy look. Perfect with tees, sneakers and denim jackets or as is for a casual relaxed look. Pair it with high-heeled pump, cami/tank and leather jacket for a chic/edgy or date nights look.

The sneakers from Aerosoles (linked similar items below) is pretty comfy! I love pairing them with leggings, denim shorts when running errands. All of these basics are my easy go-tos and ca wear them all seasons.

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November 9, 2017


Can’t you believed Christmas is around the corner? It’s time to give love for everyone on your list.

As a woman growing up in the Philippines, Christmas is our favorite holiday! Christmas celebrations in our country are the longest and fun! As early as September, we put up Christmas decorations, Christmas carols is in the air, light displays in the big tourist destination like (shopping malls, parks, restaurants, streets), masses from September to January. The Philippines is an overwhelmingly Christian nation.

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November 7, 2017


November means its almost December! December means my favorite Holiday! I’m excited for this year’s Christmas both for my kids and myself. I’m pretty sure it is not for Santa. Who can relate? It is pretty overwhelming for us. The older kids has already made a list for Santa, and so do I. I actually started wrapping for the oldest one (9 years old) last week so when the time comes it won’t be so stressful for me running around and beating all the traffic for Christmas gifts shopping days! Last year, the kids and I went for a Black Friday shopping and it was one heck of stress for me! Waited an hour or so to get a parking space. Yes, there was plenty of good deals. This year, isn’t worth the try because Mason is now a toddler unlike before he can sleep all day in the stroller. I would rather be wearing my pajamas, lounging around, and playing with the boys.

Guys, I am not complaining. If it is the other way around, Im pretty sure I’ll be doing the same like you do.

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