October 6, 2017


–Sharing my designer make-up haul at Neiman Marcus–

Hello Make-up Lovers,

I am not a make-up artist nor very good at doing it but I can tell you I can do a little bit. Learned it from work, sister, friends, youtube and other social media resources. Back in the day, I’m not an avid fan of any make-up stuff except the liptick or lipgloss. Using different shades of lipstick is the easiest way to spice up your look. I have a sensitive skin that easily gets irritation. I remember washing my face three times or more with just a facial/body soap. In my country, we cannot afford to buy the usual make up remover, so and so. So we gotta do what we had to do. Later on, I started to do some more research on how to apply them because it was necessary for my previous jobs. I had to look good. Look good, meaning presentable because I travel with my previous bosses anywhere in the United States. Then, I did the basics — eyebrow, light eyeshadow, blush on and lipstick and I’m all set. Now, I’m getting hang of it and wanted to learn more and more.

2010 Photo of me in the Philippines

2015 photo of me in New York City

I still have not mastered the application process. There still a lot to learn. Practice, practice and practice! It is a process my friend. Though I know there are no rules of applying make-up, it’s something you have to play around with then you will get to the top of success!

A.) DIOR FOUNDATION BRUSH – I usually use sponge for my foundation. When I found out about this brush I was so surprised how it spreads evenly on your face. I’m all about the natural look.
– Apply a small amount of liquid foundation and brush evenly onto your face. Add more foundation for more coverage.

B.) DIORSKIN FOREVER PERFECT FOUNDATION – For my kinda oily skin, I was recommended to use 033 – Amber Beige to balance the face and neck skin tone. It’s hard to say this but I was told that my face look whiter than my neck and chest. 😀 It was funny when the lady asked me if I do facial stuff on my face. No offense meant, usually Asians love to take care of their skin and will do all the best they can in their power to make their skin whiter. Am I right? I promised I have not done any extraordinary procedures to change the color of my skin. I love being in the sun. That’s it!

C. DIORSKIN NUDE AIR POWDER -I love the sheer finish. This will be my favorite.

D. FUSION MONO EYE SHADOW – I am using Meteore for couple years and I still love it! The metallic finish is perf for everyday eye make-up.

E. DIORSHOW LASH PRIMER – First time using this product and it feels so good.

F.DIORSHOW BLACKOUT MASCARA – I saw this mascara from my favorite beauty blogger and I love it how it looked on her. So I should give it a try.

Guys, I am open to any feedbacks. Comment down for any make-up, beauty and any other tips.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all words and opinions are my own.

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