July 8, 2018


I asked opinions from my boys as to what color of shoes look better.

I have been a stay-at-home Mom/housewife for more than two years! You know how tiring and challenging it is, yet so much fun seeing all my children every day doing all the fun things together. I have three boys 10 y/o, 7 and 2. All the duties at home, doctor’s appointments, school drop offs/pick-ups, school activities, sports activities, and all Mommy duties are all worth it. Yes, there are times I complained about everything I do and it feels like I have been taking advantage of, but one thing I am thankful and grateful for is I have a strong support system — my husband who provides and loves us unconditionally.

Since March I wanted to go back to a 9-5 job either locally or the same thing to what I used to do which is traveling. The hard part about finding the right job is the gap in my work history. I have applied for everal companies and I couldn’t set forth the right opportunity for me. I have weighed things about still being at home or having a career. Now it’s almost mid July and I could’nt imagine leaving my youngest to a babysitter or daycare. At least I tried to be an earner to help with all the household expenses. I know being a Mom is a priceless job!

-To those of you who chose being at home and being with your children specifically , do you aim to do something different like to have a career, go to school, and other things that will excel yourself?

-To those of you who’s a Mom and having a career at the same time, are you happy with what you do? Or which path would you wish to be on?

Living in America for 8 years is definitely not easy. I would love to share about my struggles and experiences but it will surely take me a whole lot of time. So let’s just jump ahead to this question. What is my dream job?

I love to go back to what I used to do as a Personal Assistant and that is a random dream job so to speak. I got the chance to travel to different places, discover and explore historic places in the United States, getting the privilege to stay in expensive hotels, flying in private jets or first class seats, dine-in high-end restaurants, meet new faces & making friends and most of all feeling like a million bucks just for that moment of time. All that sounds so fun and interesting but not anymore. I’m thankful though I got to experience all that.

My ultimate dream jobs are 1.) FLIGHT ATTENDANT – Back in my country, the main requirement is the height which is 5’4 and above. Unfortunately, I am not qualified. 🙂 Maybe, now I am here I’ll get lucky if I try. No harm in trying right? 2.) PROGRAMMER – I had three and half years of Information Technology back home. When time allows, I want to finish that course and get a degree in IT and one day I’ll be able to get that dream job.

How about you, what’s your dream job?


I love playing dressed up and get dolled up despite my busy schedules once a week. Before I had my friend agreed on babysitting duty for me once a week, we used to go on a date with a third wheel only for a dinner dates.

Lets talk about this random tropical print blouse. The back frill, flounce sleeves, tropical prints, stripes, and wrap around belt got me sold. The price is super affordable as well. It is one size and fits me perfectly and I usually wear size 4 for blouses and tops. The quality is very good, the back closure has elastic button string. Is a closet must have.

When pairing with bottoms make sure to wear solid color pants, shorts or skirts to balance off the busy-ness of the prints. For a summer look, pairs well with white, yellow, green, light blue, blue, pink, purple, red and black accessories (bags and shoes). Finish off the look with a statement earrings to take your outfit to another level. Can be worn dressed up or down.

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